Welcome to Nanjing Dahua Special Belt Knit Co., Ltd

We think all along, it is the first basic to quality for all products, it is a very important reason
we strict practice as ISO9001:2000, from purchase material, up to every step in manufacture,
we all product according to require of technical, practicing strict check in every step, we only
accept material which could meet high quality product, we also sale high quality product which
could meet customer require. It is a reason, no safety accident that is affected by quality
accident since we are established. It is also the important way toprovide your safety.
DAHUA-SLING.COM has a quality policy, “Best Effort For Famous Brand Credit Standing First
Customers Meeting First” no matter what you have any inquire, we will do our best to service for
you, we could give you rationalization advices according to actual situation, provide guidance
on fixing and handle. We have a plan to meet our customer in dated, so as we could do better,
we could safety check product what you are using, and give you any relation advice.
Safety first, we are in pursuit of it forever, most safety accident are produced by wrong handle,
good advice is that train good handle habit, always to obey safety handling stipulate, and ask
us the best way of dealing with relation locale situation.

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