Welcome to Nanjing Dahua Special Belt Knit Co., Ltd

We are cognizant of long good cooperation with customers; two points are most important,
We believe that it is our company who can meet you above two points. The most important is
best quality!
Our company is a leader, has many years experience in specializing on line of webbing sling,
round sling, ratchet unit, towing strap and other belts in P.R. of China. We could offer almost
all sizes of webbing and round sling. Manufacturing to ISO4878, EN1492:2000, and we have
modern testing machine and best equipment, above products we have got CE and GS logo,
and passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system.
We have a provision to make products according to your special require.
Do believe our company is your most truth friend; high quality is you first choice to guarantee
your safety, reasonable prices to save your cost.
If you have any other question, Don’t hesitate to contact to us. We will do our best to meet you.

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